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We’re often asked if Portuguese area rugs can be repaired and the answer is absolutely, however, due to the scarcity of Portuguese area rugs stateside – most are purchased in their native country – few know the proper techniques that need to be utilized to ensure a perfect repair; our expert repair team has many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the care that is required to repair needle point area rugs to look like-new!

Below, see two recent Portuguese area rug repairs completed by Main Street Oriental Rugs.

This 9′ x 12′ Portuguese rug was brought to us with a large tear in the field and some of the fringe had detached in places around the perimeter. We were able to mend these issues, and as with all of our repair work, the rug was thoroughly cleaned, as well.

This smaller, badly damaged, Portuguese needle point area rug was shipped to us by a customer based in Tennessee. This piece needed significant work, including new fringe around the perimeter and a repair of a large tear in the field. After all of the work was finished, we were able to ship the beautifully repaired Portuguese rug back to our happy customer!

If you are interested in having your Portuguese or needle point area rugs repaired, please contact us today for a free cost estimate.

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