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More Than Just Skilled Area Rug Cleaners

In addition to selling and cleaning area rugs, Main Street Oriental Rugs provides many other services for our customers in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. area. Whether you’re looking to have your rug’s worn fringe replaced or you need major restoration work done to a hole in your rug, our experts have over 30 years of experience to repair almost all types of damage to area rugs.

Area Rug Repair
Area Rug Restoration
Area Rug Binding and Serging
Area Rug Pick-Up and Delivery

Other Services to Better Serve Your Needs

Main Street Oriental Rugs provides these additional services for all your needs:

Area Rug Repair

Burns, holes, rips, and other destruction done to your rug’s fibers can be repaired or restored to like-new condition by our area rug repair experts.

Area Rug Restoration

Age and damage do not have to ruin your carpets and rugs. We can restore your pieces to their original splendor by utilizing both hand and machine-repair techniques.

Area Rug Binding and Serging

If your area rug has begun to fray or unravel around its edges, we provide binding and serging services. Both methods are commonly used to finish or repair the edges of area rugs, but there are differences between the two finished products.

Area Rug Appraisals

We provide professional area rug appraisals, so our clients can find out what their investments are worth. Factors that help determine an area rug’s worth typically include the type of weaving technique used, the amount of skill involved, the quality of the materials that were used, the length of the rug’s pile, the rug’s overall design or motif, and the rug’s approximate age.

Area Rug Moth Removal/Proofing

Moths can cause significant damages to your area rugs’ fibers. We provide mothproofing to deter moths from eating or even coming near your area rugs, as well as moth removal services once moths have already infested your rugs.

Area Rug Padding

Our high-quality, dual-sided area rug padding can be used on any type of hard surface without the fear of sticking to or damaging your flooring. Our padding is custom-cut to perfectly fit your area rugs and is specially designed to prevent fraying, eliminate creasing, and add ultra-plush comfort.

Area Rug Pick-Up and Delivery

If you have three or more area rugs you need cleaned and/or repaired, we provide free area rug pick-up and delivery services for clients in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington D.C. areas.

Stair Runner Installations

Decrease the noise of feet, heels, and paws running up and down the stairs with a runner that also preserves the appearance of your staircase. Substitute slippery treads for safer carpets for your family and friends.

Contact Us to Request a Free Quote

Don’t ever throw away an area rug investment due to damages! Whether you require area rug repair, restoration, or moth removal services in Maryland or Northern Virginia, be sure to contact Main Street Oriental Rugs for a free quote. We offer our services for both residential and commercial properties. Take care of your investment with regular cleanings and maintenance. Our professionals can make your rugs like new again!

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