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Main Street Oriental Rugs has over 30 years of experience providing various rug services to Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia customers. We’ve built our company on a long history of outstanding service experiences, no matter what customers need. If you need repairs, restoration, or a wide array of other helpful, professional services, we can care for your investments and keep them in the best possible condition for years to come.
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When choosing any service provider, you want a customer experience meeting or exceeding your needs and expectations. At Main Street Oriental Rugs, we make your satisfaction our top priority, no matter which services you require. Our rug specialists apply years of expertise to every job, whether you need cleaning, washing, repairs, restoration, or another service. Our business uses modern equipment, non-toxic shampoos, and traditional rug cleaning practices.

Additionally, we understand your rug’s safety and condition are paramount concerns and pair our outstanding customer service with industry-trusted techniques and equipment. Investing in this staple expertise and technology ensures you get unbeatable results while preserving your beautiful rug.

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