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Professional Rug Washing to Preserve Your Investment

Washing your rugs regularly protects your investment and preserves their beauty for years. Your rugs face exposure to foot traffic, pets, food or drink spills, and many other daily threats. Main Street Oriental Rugs can keep your carpet and rugs clean with carpet and area rug washing in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. We wash your rugs and carpets carefully at our warehouse, typically in no more than 10 days and we offer free pick-up and delivery if you have three or more rugs. If you bring your rugs to us, you’ll receive a 20% discount on our cleaning services.
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Trust Us With Your Rug’s Deep Cleaning

Professional area rug washing is a specialty service Main Street Oriental Rugs is proud to provide. We always strive to offer exceptional customer service and clean your area rugs to earn your complete satisfaction. Our specialists prioritize preserving your rug's fibers and colors during the cleaning process. With this in mind, we never use toxic chemicals or shampoos. We’ve listed the highlights of our area rug washing:

  • You should professionally clean your rugs every year.
  • We dust, shampoo, rinse and dry your rugs.
  • Our business has detailed cleaning available to deal with stains.
  • We never use harsh or toxic chemicals.
  • Our washing removes coffee, soda, tea, paint, wax, gum, pet waste, and many other stains.
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Serving Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia

As a local expert in various rug types and services for over 30 years, Main Street Oriental Rugs understands how valuable a rug can be to tie a room together and enhance its beauty and comfort. Our top concern is providing the best possible customer experience on every order, no matter what service you need. Area rug washing is a service you should never ignore but must trust in the hands of experienced professionals.

We pair our seasoned expertise with modern cleaning equipment and gentle shampoos and cleaners to ensure we safely remove stains and grime while preserving your rug’s colors and condition. Let us show you why countless customers in the area trust us, starting with a free quote.

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